The purpose is to help build unity in Australia, around the problem of the unwanted interference of the United States of America in the internal affairs of the economy and politics of Australia; build support for those striving for their sovereignty around the world, and publicise what people are doing interference in their economy and politics.

There is no intention to establish a new organisation to take the place of those already existing, and which might come into being, to take on the associated issues. The purpose is to support them and encourage unity around a broad area of agreement about what necessary for Life Sovereignty and Peace.

This initiative began after a delegation of Australians took part in the International Meeting Against Imperialism in Caracas Venezuela this last January. Delegates from 71 countries covering all continents registered. A ranger of governments participated as observers, either through their ambassadors, or through other representatives. This meeting was the result of previous international meetings of various sector, unions, women and indigenous peoples among them.

The Australian delegation pledged to do its part in helping in building the Australian component of the emerging international movement. The sub-title of the Caracas meeting – Life Sovereignty Peace – has been adopted for Australia.

We live in challenging times. The world is changing rapidly. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this even clearer than it was before. We cannot continue as before, not only during the time of lock down and other restrictions. This must continue after the present health emergency is over.

Already, existing economic, social and environmental crisis is deepening. The the existing order is proving its incapacity to resolve them. New answers are needed. Only a new movement, built from the ground up, can achieve find them.

The number one threat to progress today are those who have power in the United States of America. They impose the burden of crisis on their own people. They are the major instigators of war, bully nations into exploitative economic relationships, use gunboat diplomacy, interfere in their internal politics of other nations, and have imposed sanctions on more than 40 of them.

Australia is not immune from any of this. United States interests have a large stake in Australia’s economy and a major influence in our national politics.

There is a substantial United Sates military and spying presence on our soil, and control Australia’s military and diplomatic presence around the world. Australia is used to assist United States military and diplomatic intervention around the world, to the extent that others often refer to us our government. as the Deputy Sheriff of the United States.

Our interests lie in capturing our economy, politics, to ensure that it is the ordinary people of Australia who have the control. Our interests also lie in uniting with others around the world, who have a similar interests to be in control of their own affairs.


The right of all to have a decent quality of life, in terms of the standard of living, opportunities, and to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. This is inseparable from the existence of basic human rights, including the right to work, together for a fairer, non-discriminatory and inclusive future for all. Human rights include labour rights, and the ability of communities to have the maximum control over their affairs and actions.


Peoples, including the people of Asutralia, have the right to be in control over their own nations, without unwanted outside interference and bullying. They must be the deciders of their own future. Indigenous peoples have the right to their sovereignty and management of their own affairs within nations. Workers have the right to achieve their own collective sovereignty from those who would exploit their labour.


Peace is necessary for human development. The biggest barrier to its achievement on a global scale, is the drive to annex territories as spheres of influence and for economic penetration. This is a major factor in distorting internal relationships within nations and resolving differences through peaceful means.

Australia must not participate in unjust aggression, and all military facilities and personnel must serve the ople of Australia and the promotion of peace.

The drive for control creates hot spots that threatens conflict and raises the possibility of world war.

Achieving a peaceful world is a condition for achieving progress in life and sovereignty.