A statement from Australians for a New Democracy on Ukraine

Everyone will agree that War anywhere in the World is a terrible development. People have already died and more will do so if the current situation is not resolved. There will be political and economic damage, which will last well past the present conflict. It would have been much better if Diplomacy and Agreements were honoured.

The primary goal should be to secure the conditions for a ceasefire.

Getting in the way of this, is the false interpretation of events pushed by big media and political forces that have no intention of securing the peace. Those who want to know the truth and want peace must understand what is really going on, deal with the facts and move from here.

All of us must reject the cartoon version that the problem is  a power-hungry Vladimir Putin and evil Russia. This is a dangerous falsification ignoring the reality on the ground and a recipe for further conflict.

Some quarters put forward a delusional view that the culprit is Russia’s desire to expand its influence and economic power. Where is the proof of this? Those who repeat this delusion have a duty to explain how Russia has the capability, and what methods they use to carve out this new empire around the world? Does it have military bases everywhere, and does it polices the world’s oceans?

It is the west, and especially the United States, which is guilty of all the above. Ignoring this, is to support the US/NATO expansionism and turn one’s back on the people of Ukraine, whether one is conscious of it or not.

The current crisis begun when in 2013, the Viktor Yanukovych government of Ukraine refused the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) harsh conditions for a loan. These included the imposition of new gas tariff on Ukrainians, and the freezing of wages and pensions.

Yanukovych turned to the Russians for alternative funding.

This is the moment when a process of destabilisation began in earnest, and it ended in the coup of February 2014 led by Nazi gunmen.

Part of the process was the terrorisation of the ethnic Ukrainian Russian population, which makes up nearly half of the total Ukrainian population and most of the working class, especially in the more industrialised east and south

One of the resulting atrocities was the attack on the trade union headquarters in the southern city Odessa, because most unionists there favour closer ties with Russia. Odessa has a majority Russian population. More than 30 unionists died in this attack. Unfortunately, the video below showing this in deta has now been censored in Australia.

Below is an alternative video that only shows part of what happened and hasn’t been censored yet. It does not give the full story but shows enough to confirm that the attack really took place.

Here was an example of an earlier anti-union attack in Kyiv. This time a hotel, because it allowed unionists to hold an meeting and election for their new leader. Insignia and banners of the Azov Battalion are clearly visible. This second video has also been censored in Australia.

This is about an attack on a television station in Donetsk during 2019.

True to their collective history in other places, the United States and United Kingdom have been leading in providing political, financial, and military hardware helping the rise of a new fascist movement in Ukraine. A major recipient has been the Nazi Svoboda (Freedom) Party, which was included in the government, and given respectability by its allies of convenience. If you don’t believe this, watch Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary called Ukraine on Fire.

This has been restricted and can only be watched now on YouTube through this link

There are also the associated armed groups. The AZOV Battalion is the biggest and best known. The point is that they are still major players in what is going on in Ukraine right now. This intended video showing disturbing images is censored in Australia.

Here is an alternative, showing a well armed ASOV military parade in Mariupol. It has not been censored because this is the AZOV Battalion’s own video.

Here is another video from the AZOV Battalion.

The adoption of the Nazi movement by the west has been driven by the determination to find allies for the expansion of NATO and the encirclement of Russia’s borders. NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which is supposed to confine itself to this. But the United States, aided by Great Britain, Germany, and France, has misused NATO to extend its sphere of influence across the Eurasian landmass, and to directly threaten Russia’s sovereignty, with conventional and nuclear weapons.

It is not surprising that Russia has objected and reacted. For eight years, Russia has been trying to have its concerns heard in international forums.

A resolution was put to the General Assembly of the United Nations in December 2021, which called for opposition to Nazism and related racist ideologies. Only two countries voted against it, the United States and Ukraine.

The security of the two peoples who inhabit Ukraine is the key to a peaceful future. This goal is not possible without securing the conditions for peace. This means that achieving security requires an end to NATO’s expansion and threat, recognition of what the ethnic Russian Ukrainian population’s demand for independence of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the de-Nazification of Ukraine.

This is what Australia should support.

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