Video: John Pilger: What Governments aren’t telling you about the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) Example 2

Veteran Australian journalist and campaigner, John Pilger, talks about the failure to prepare for what came. He says that the British government knew at least four years ago, that the National Health Service (NHS) was incapable of meeting such a crisis. Years of budget cuts and privatisation by stealth, as governments applied neoliberal policies, is what behind the failure to respond properly, the facts show. Britain is not alone in this. Other countries, he says, especially those in the orbit of the United States and seeking to impose its model, are the worst offenders. This includes Australia. Pilger goes on to say, the arrival of Covid-19 has given the same governments, an opportunity to pursue other matters, such as, the persecution of Julian Assange and continue the war against China.

Video from Going Underground

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